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Why Website Maintenance is important?

Many a times client's get their website developed, designed, up and running with an initial thought process that they will maintain the website as they move along in their work/ business. Most often client's do the maintenance work but it is not consistent and eventually they fall short on keeping…
April 26, 2020

How to serve images faster for your website ?

When it comes to websites which have more images or best example a ecommerce platform where images play a big role in your business, the main concern is how to serve the images as fast as possible when the site is getting rendered. There are a several methods, ways and…
November 8, 2019

Why a good hosting is important for a website?

Your website is your online avatar, identity which is active 24x7. The first 6 seconds of a visitor on your website are extremely crucial, because these 6 seconds decide how long the visitor will stay on your site, what action will he/ she take. In these 6 seconds if your…
November 6, 2019

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