Free Themes or Paid Themes or Pirated Themes

By November 6, 2019April 26th, 2020No Comments

WordPress being one of the best CMS platform has played a big role in bringing life to our websites, eCommerce, with billions of plugins, themes, sometimes it is overwhelming as in what needs to be used in our website.

If you are designing your website in WordPress as CMS or any other CMS as a matter of fact, it is always recommended to opt for a Paid Theme or if you are on a tight budget a Free Theme, you can always match your design mockup to a paid theme or a free theme.

Many people knowingly/ unknowingly go for pirated or null themes, and even use plugins, I do not recommend this path because by doing so you are putting your website at risk, your server on risk and also credibility of your website at risk, if any search engine finds that your website is maliciously infected their algorithm marks down the score of your website.

So once again keeping it short, go for a theme which is clean, use only those plugins which are rated, updated regularly and clean, if you like any theme or plugin and if its paid, it is good to buy it, your money is valued when it reaches to developers/ designers who have put in their time and effort developing the theme or plugin you liked.

If you need a website, ecommerce design or a logo or branding, contact us, we follow all standard protocols, safe and simple pricing and fiercely customer centric approach while working.

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