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Right time for web design or any web related work

The whole world is going through a earth reboot via Covid19, all industries, people, are affected by this pandemic. But this is not going to stop your commitments, commitments to your business, people, customer, employees... but why are we discussing this? Simple ... is your web design on hold, content…
April 26, 2020

Why use H tags in your website?

Today's post is all about why use H tags in your website? ... Let's see what the experts have to say .. “We do use H tags to understand the structure of the text on a page better” John Mueller, Google 2015 "The six heading elements, H1 through H6, denote section headings.…
November 14, 2019
ComplianceWeb Design

How to keep your website ADA Compliant?

I am going to keep this article short simple and to the point, while the legal document is vast, click here To keep your website ADA Compliant, make sure your website has the following  - Your website content is readable, responsive and adjustable for all screen sizes. ALT TEXT for…
November 12, 2019

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