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Worried about images on your website?

By November 6, 2019April 26th, 2020No Comments

Images are an integral part of a website, but whats most important is are the images relative to your website, your content, or your website theme ?

It is very important to use relative images when it comes to website designing, we tend to first look for a graphical representation before reading any content on the page, so selecting and using good image is very important.

Gone are the days where images were blindly selected from Google, with all the copyright headache and legal tensions it is not recommended to use images from Google search.

The first rule when it comes to build any website is to either own the images or purchase the images, i.e. as the owner of the website you should have permission and authority to showcase the images used on the website.

You can buy images from www.Dreamstime.com or from www.fotolia.comĀ 

In our next blog we will learn and understand how to showcase images on your website for a fast and optimized website performance.

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